Christine is not at cool as this photo would have you believe.

A long time ago––like long, as in "when the original 90210 was still on the air”––Christine was given a 35mm film camera by her dad. She loved that camera (still does) and loved taking photos with it that she would have developed at the mall on her break (she worked at Sam Goody ‘cause she was so hip and so into bands you’ve never heard of). Eventually, she upgraded to a digital camera (OMG 1.2 megapixels!) and then upgraded again and upgraded some more. She took photos of people she knew for fun and then one day a stranger hired her for family photos and the rest is history.

Christine lives in Omaha with her son and two dogs. 50% of her household members are named after a Beatle. Christine also works as the editor of an online news publication and writes non-fiction and screenplays which her mom says are great.